Behind The Scenes With Atlas Party Rentals

Whether planning an intimate party or a large event, renting party equipment and decorations can be a huge undertaking. Today, we are sitting down with the experts at Atlas Party Rentals to learn the behind-the-scenes details on how to make smart party rental decisions to create a stress-free event.

Drawing on the company’s 75 plus years of experience in the event planning industry, Atlas Party Rentals founders Scott Gorky and Gary Shure provide quality service and products throughout New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester County, Fairfield County, Bergen County, and Long Island’s north shore. Atlas Party Rentals is the premier one-stop-shop party rentals company in the New York region. Creating flawless, unforgettable events is their primary objective.

Where do I begin?
The best place to start is to speak with our clients to understand the event they are hoping to achieve. We help customers plan a variety of parties and functions, including weddings, family gatherings, special birthdays, corporate events, fundraisers, and other theme-based functions, so gathering information about potential venues for your event, the number and types of people attending, as well as your aesthetic expectations is critical.

Armed with the details of your goals, we work with countless venues in the tri-state area as well as individuals like you or your choice of caterer and additional party planners to create a seamless, flawless party that all your guests will remember, and of course, one that is fun for all!

To create a truly memorable event, it’s important that customers give themselves enough time to plan everything. However, Atlas Party Rentals is known for its ability to handle last-minute party rentals and rush delivery of party rental equipment is something that makes us stand out from our competitors.

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll need to rent for my party. Can you give me some options?
While it’s easy to get confused with the many options available when selecting party rental equipment, it really depends on what type of event you’re planning and how many people you expect to invite.

If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding, for example, we suggest renting a party tent. Our tents are available in a variety of sizes from an 8-foot by 8-foot tent to a 40-foot by 100-foot tent. All tents have options for tent sides or just an overhead covering, so there is really something for everyone. And the season matters:
• During the summer months, pedestal fans do a good job of circulating the air so there’s no need for tent sides, while during the winter months, a reliable form of heating from tent heaters, together with a tent that has sides, will keep your guests warm and comfortable.

Even choosing the types of chairs can make a big impact on your event. While our attractive ballroom chairs will look great at your wedding reception, they may seem too formal for an outdoor barbeque. Our sleek stretch spandex chair covers give your Bar or Bat Mitzvah or Sweet 16 a cool look that’s in keeping with the age group with the color matched to your specific theme.

Of course, consideration on group seating can impact the party dynamics and improve conversation, while decorating the space. For example:
• Round cocktail tables are ideal for cocktail receptions, but they can also be mixed into the reception area seating and combined with our barstool chairs to add a fun dimension to your reception room.
• Our 48-inch round tables with an umbrella and linen of your choosing are ideal for an outdoor informal event.
• Rectangular tables in 4, 6 or 8-foot-long may be the best choice when you have limited space or for an informal table setting.
• Of course, we have other choices including everything from 72-inch round tables to specialty pieces like Serpentine tables and more.

If you’re thinking of having an outdoor event, the proper flooring may be necessary. Weddings or any other kind of family celebration will most likely require a durable dance floor, which can be set up on almost any surface. And let’s not forget other important elements inside the tent:
• Platforms, podiums and stages can also elevate your speakers or performers. Consider renting our Biljax aluminum stage, which can be assembled based on your unique specifications.
• A portable bar stocked with plenty of beer, liquor and wine is essential

Guests also need to be able to hear and participate in any entertainment you provide. A good state-of-the-art AV system will bring your party to a whole new level, making your special day or a corporate function unforgettable. Our most popular PA system includes two speakers with stands, a 300-watt amplifier, as well as a mic and a mic stand.

Don’t be afraid to have your band or DJ play the music a little louder than what you might think is acceptable. Most good AV systems will be able to handle it and while you don’t want your guests talking over each other, it will give your party a definite buzzy feeling.

And if you’re planning a large event, you may need a way to control the foot traffic. Metal barricades prevent people from jumping the line and our attractive aisle stanchions that come with red rope or retractable tape, together with our Hollywood-style red carpet runners, will take your party up a notch or two.

How can I personalize my party?
To make your party unique and special, you can decorate your tables so your party looks like no other. You can select the beautiful dinnerware, flatware, glasses and linens to pull it all together.

Decide on what type of dishware and flatware is best suited to your event.
• Bone china and stainless-steel silverware are ideal for elegant events like weddings.
• Square plates or other pieces in different shapes and sizes are creative choices that can add beauty and style to your party.

Let us help you make the choice that is best suited to your tastes and that of your guests, including choosing the right glassware. Clear glass is a no-nonsense choice for corporate events while gold or silver-rimmed glassware is perfect for contemporary-styled events, especially combined with metallic elements in chair sashes or table runners. They are ideal, too, for more elegant gatherings like weddings.

Other options that can personalize your event décor:

• Limitless options when it comes to choosing from our selection of glassware and barware, including everything from Martini glasses, highball glasses, champagne flutes, brandy, cordial and shot glasses, and much more.
• An event curtain or drapes for corporate events or trade shows can perfectly hide wires and storage items or create a nice backdrop. We have a wide variety of colors to choose from including black, ivory or royal blue.

Finally, you’ll also need to decide what kind of linens you want. For more formal events, white- or off-white linens are always a classic choice. Teens celebrating a Sweet Sixteen or another milestone event will want a splash of color to help make their party pop. Types of linens include
textiles like Tissue Lame, an ornamental fabric that makes for a perfect table overlay or table runner, in addition to taffetas, geometric prints, colored prints, damask, satin, and crushed linen.

What is it like to work with Altas Party Rentals?
At Atlas Party Rentals, we want to make the party rental process easy and stress-free. That starts with a free all-inclusive estimate that is priced to your specific budget. It includes all the details of your proposed contract, from delivery to set-up and finally, pick-up. You can request an estimate by filling out the form on our Contact page.

Expect quality rentals. We take great pride in ensuring that all our rental equipment, including linens, glassware, dishware, and other items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before they are delivered to you.

Our china, flatware, glassware and serving pieces are cleaned in a commercial dishwasher and are put on a sanitizing cycle before being stored in special containers.

Our kitchen equipment, including convection ovens, grills, proofing racks, and chafing dishes, is cleaned with disinfectant cleaner and appropriately sanitized before being stored away for a future event, which means that you get them in perfect condition!

The staff at Atlas Party Rentals continues to follow Covid-19 safety rules, which include wearing masks indoors when delivering party rental equipment.

What do most people forget about when planning a party?
The most common omission we see is that people fail to account for unforeseeable situations that can undoubtedly happen when planning a party, so our advice is to plan your party well in advance. That way, you won’t forget things during the last-minute rush. Of course, as we’ve said before, we are experts in rush deliveries and party rental emergencies so there’s no need to panic.

Think about the various scenarios that can happen when planning a party, including a sudden change in the weather, which could be disastrous if you haven’t ordered the proper tent, failing to include provisions for guests who are allergic to certain foods or not renting the proper equipment to keep your food warm.

What is the Atlas Difference?
Our 75 years of experience helps us deliver a quality personalized service while seamlessly handling emergencies and last-minute party rentals. This has earned us the reputation of being the tri-state area’s most reliable, affordable, and professional party rental business.

When you call Atlas Party Rentals, you won’t get a pre-recorded message. Instead, you’ll speak to a person at the other end of the phone ready to give you a quote, answer all your questions and guide you through the party planning process.

Call either Scott or Gary today to see just how affordable your unforgettable event can be with Atlas Party Rentals. You can reach the office at 914-699-0399, 212-929-8888 or toll-free at 1-800-695-6565. You can also email

Our offices, located at 554 South Columbus Avenue in Mount Vernon, are open Monday through Friday, 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Saturdays until noon. We look forward to helping you!